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Acrylic Pipe Clear
Acrylic Pipe Clear
Acrylic Pipe Clear
Acrylic Pipe Clear
Acrylic Pipe Clear
Acrylic Pipe Clear
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26 Mar 2020

Specification of

Acrylic solid acrylic rod and tube with a level of clarity far exceeds other existing products in the Indonesian market today. Until recently, acrylic supplied by Eka Jaya packing is widely used for the advertising industry, interior, food industry.

Clarity acrylic pipe also facilitate the process of quality control of the color of the beverage product, replacing the glass is still a choice today. Another advantage gained weight acrylic is much lighter than glass and the workmanship that is flexible, easy and harmless.

Acrylic also has great potential for the beverage industry in Indonesia. Because it is food safe, do not allow the growth of microorganisms, with the accuracy of shapes, sizes and diameters are precision made acrylic tube of japan is the ideal material to be applied to pipes transfer the bottled drinks industry, canned and formula.

Application: display ads, tubes for lamps, candle lighting, hand rails stairs, decoration for interior and exterior, tubes of acrylic drum used in the food industry, pipe transparent for inspection powder or flow other media, tubes voyeurs to flow indicator media, laboratory, tube oil automatic, tube measuring rainfall, measuring tube flow leveling, rotameter, inspection solution / mixed media, textile industry, protein skimmer, pipe transparent for pneumatic conveyor, hyperbaric chamber, vacuum chamber, transparent tube water filter, calcium reactors and others ,

Size: 6 x id od 4 - od 300 x id 290
standard length: 200 cm
acrylic pipe

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