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Aluminium Roll
Aluminium Roll
Aluminium Roll
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Specification of Aluminium Roll

Aluminum Roll
We sell and provide Aluminum roll or roll plate, which distinguishes only the length, the aluminum roll plate is much needed in the manufacture of gutters, insulation companies often need this roll aluminim plate as a large pipe pipe wrapping material found in the construction of a scale factory plant big, for those of you who need it we provide it with various sizes and thicknesses.

Characteristics of Aluminum Roll
Aluminum is a type of light metal, widely distributed throughout the world. Aluminum roll is one of the most useful aluminum alloy and aluminum roll has many advantages.

Corrosion resistant. Aluminum coils are the perfect material from several containers of corrosive chemical liquids;
Thermal and electrical conductivity. Aluminum sheet roll is good for thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, so it is usually made into various electronic components, such as heat exchangers, etc .;
Surface property. Aluminum roll has large surface properties, it means aluminum coil can bare various surface processes, for example, printing, embossing, coating, punching, etc .;
Non-toxic and recycled. Aluminum is a non-toxic metal, moreover, it is also recycled. Therefore, aluminum rolls are more widely used in the packaging industry, especially in food and medicine packaging;
Formability. Aluminum coils can be made into various shapes, because they have excellent formability. Especially in building the industry and decoration industry. The best examples are aluminum roller shutters, brushed aluminum coil, aluminum gutter coil, etc.

Plat aluminium

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