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Armaflex Sponge Sheet
Armaflex Sponge Sheet
Armaflex Sponge Sheet
Armaflex Sponge Sheet
Armaflex Sponge Sheet
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Specification of Armaflex Sponge Sheet

Armaflex Sponge Sheet/Roll (Natural Sponges) closed cell elastomer foam is flexible. Have a good fire rating and energy efficient thermal performance. Be of closed cell material means Armaflex will not absorb moisture and to keep moisture away from the surface of the pipe as possible, reduces the risk of costly Armaflex under insulation corrosion.

Despite being closed cell material, Armaflex still provides significant sound absorption. Armaflex regularly used sebthe internal coating to reduce agai noise fan in he ducting, also provide thermal insulation, meaning the need for additional thermal insulation on the outside of the duct work is not required.


Armaflex can easily and cost effectively made into valve and lead to a box on the site, which allows for protection of vulnerable components and the creation of a fully enclosed system significantly reduces cost.

Armflex can be used as a layer of akexternal ustik also greatly reduces noise break-out from the wall duct. Noise reduction can be greatly improved even when used with the ArmaSound RD and Arma-Chek r. Armaflex also has Microban anti-microbial protection is built-in to provide resistance to fungi and bacteria growth, which allows use in environments such as offices, schools and hospitals. Armaflex dust, fibers and formaldehyde free.


Application fields:

-Unit R

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