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Foam Mattress Eggs
Foam Mattress Eggs
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Specification of Foam Mattress Eggs

Foam Mattress Eggs as a silencer / foam sound absorber is foam with special specifications commonly called foam egg, this foam is specifically designed both forming material and the size of its product, made berprofile (such as egg cups) in order to have a surface area that is larger, so this foam able to muffle the sound (sound vibrations propagate existing) with a maximum, this egg buasa able to minimize sound leakage at Ngan desired space. Egg foam is used for genset engine room, the music room studio, acoustic, karaoke rooms, and others .busa these eggs we provide with various types based on the sound damping capability (standard quality, medium quality, high quality), (hold the coals / roko, not fireproof) and based on the cost of the targeted budget.
Size: 200cmx100cm
thick: 3.5cm
type: Standard
Color: Gray / dark gray.

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