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Garlock 1000
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Specification of Garlock 1000

Garlock 1000 packing gasket sheet (sheet)

Current environmental issues demands a positive seal. Garlock gaskets provide a guarantee that, and do it with proven reliability.

Gaskets are offered in a variety of materials including non-asbestos gaskets PTFE restructured GYLON, the industry standard for resistance to aggressive chemicals, gasketing and extreme class with a layer of anti-stick Flange Free. A patented welding process of heat allows produksi gasket one-piece rather than separate segments spliced together. Our gasketing products include low-load style engineering is available either in the form of sheets or a wise and gasket materials to effectively close the metal pipe.


High pressure (HPS) Sheet Gasket Material gasket Compressed fibre sheet, a supporter of the Garlock line of products, has been improved and expanded over the years. The ingredients have been formulated and improved, and the process manufaktu

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