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gasket cylinder head
gasket cylinder head
gasket cylinder head
gasket cylinder head
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Specification of gasket cylinder head

The liquids inside the engine have their own lanes and tracks. The construction is as much as possible to prevent mixing between oil, fuel, and water. However, it is possible that damage will occur so that one liquid goes to another line. Flow of radiator water to the combustion chamber, for example.

This case occurs when the head cylinder gasket is leaking. The leak resulted in a meeting between the block cylinder and the cylinder head not tight, there was a gaping gap between the two components located in this part of the engine. Since the radiator water is around the cylinder, this radiator water can flow through the existing gap.

The effect is quite troublesome. An AstraWorld customer was confused when his car engine overheated. Radiator water does seem to be reduced, but there is no slight leak on the radiator. After going through the inspection, it is apparently known that the leak is a cylinder head gasket. From that gap the radiator water flows to disrupt the work of the engine cooling system.

The leaky head cylinder gasket does not only interfere with the engine's cooling system. The process of burning fuel in the combustion chamber will also be disrupted because it is mixed with water.

What's more troublesome is the interference with engine performance. This effect arises because the leaked cylinder head gasket also means a compression leak. Practical compression leaks will reduce engine power because one of the conditions for the engine to live normally is sufficient compression pressure.

If there is a leak in the cylinder head gasket, the only way we can do this is by replacing the cylinder head gasket. And, to avoid a more severe risk, while also overhauling the cylinder head.

Although in general this component damage is caused by age, there are a few tips so that the case above does not happen to us. Especially, on vehicles whose cylinder heads use the elastic bolt region (not plastic region). For this type, periodically check the tension (moment) of the cylinder head bolt (every 10,000 km).

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