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Eka Jaya Packing - Jual PVC Strips Curtain ( Tirai plastik ) dan Rubber Product
Hanger Galvanized PVC Curtain
Hanger Galvanized PVC Curtain
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Sell Hanger Galvanized PVC Curtain

Specification of Hanger Galvanized PVC Curtain

PVC / Plastic Curtain
Selling Hanger Selling Bracket PVC Strip Curtain Galvanies (Best Quality PVC Hangers)

Solution to your pvc curtain curtain hanger needs

1 set: 1 meter "fill clip 6 pcs" (Thick Galvaniez Quality)

Can be Custom for other hangers widths can be discussed beforehand

PVC bracket makes it easy for you to assemble and install pvc curtains in factories, warehouses, homes, restaurants, hospitals, malls, etc.

Receive an order of pvc strip curtain according to the size of your door and just plug it in.

(Components for curtains
In addition to making PVC strip curtains that are ready for Clamp installation, we also offer a variety of PVC rolls and components that can be provided that are made ready to be hung or in the form of components. Stainless steel rails and clamp plate sets are also sold separately.)

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