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Eka Jaya Packing - Jual PVC Strips Curtain ( Tirai plastik ) dan Rubber Product
 Packing TESNIT BA-203
 Packing TESNIT BA-203
 Packing TESNIT BA-203
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Specification of Packing TESNIT BA-203

Packing BA Tesnit 203, U BA-BA-BA-50, CF, BACF-4000, Grafilit ® SF, Grafilit ® Grafilit ® SL, SP and others.

TESNIT ® BA-203 is a special gasket materials based on fibre and aramide NBR nitrile rubber. It has good resistance to water, gas, oil and fuel. TESNIT ® BA-203 includes secondary applications load. Materials approved by Germanischer Lloyd.


Basic: Aramide fibers, NBR.


General properties and applications:

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