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Eka Jaya Packing - Jual PVC Strips Curtain ( Tirai plastik ) dan Rubber Product
pillar no 6521L
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Sell pillar no 6521L

Specification of pillar no 6521L

Product Specification Pillar No. 6501L
Selling Pillar Gland packing No. 6501 L
 (Style No.6501L)
- Very flexible single coil packing
- Carbon fiber packaging for all types of pumps
- Able to operate dry

Pillar style No.6501L is a square braid packaging made from Pillar Carbonized thread that is impregnated with PTFE dispersions and lubricants.

Temperature: ~ + 390 ° F (~ + 200 ° C)
Pressure: 140psi (10 bar)
PV: 280000psi ・ fpm
pH: 2 to 12

* For fluids in excess of +176 ゚ F (+ 80 ℃), a cooling unit must be installed.

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