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ptfe envelope gasket
ptfe envelope gasket
ptfe envelope gasket
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Specification of ptfe envelope gasket

PTFE envelope gaskets are arranged gaskets. The product consists of a PTFE envelope with inlay. Envelope gaskets are mainly applied as gaskets leading in applications where chemical resistance and high pressure are needed.

Envelope gaskets have PTFE chemical resistance, but the strength and durability of inlay materials. PTFE envelope gaskets combine the benefits of various materials:

Good chemical resistance.
Wide temperature range. This depends both on the envelope as the inlay material.
Good pressure resistance, depending on the choice of inlay material.
In an aggressive environment of chemicals, where media pollution is not allowed, it is complicated to apply standard gaskets. Here the PTFE envelope gasket is applied as a flange gasket. For example, in the chemical industry (petro) and in the process industry.

Envelope gaskets are also ideal for applications in the food industry. PTFE is inert physiologically and can be used in direct contact with food (FDA).

PTFE gasket

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