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Rockwool Board (Sheets)
Rockwool Board (Sheets)
Rockwool Board (Sheets)
Rockwool Board (Sheets)
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Roxul insulation blanket Rockwool sheets sheet Board Board. Rock mineral wool products are lightweight thermal insulating material budget is also recognized as one of the best materials for the purpose of thermal insulation and is made from a mixture of natural stone basalt and dolomite melts at high temperature to form a liquid matrix which is then relayed through the air flow cools the material and shape of the long fibrous strands. These strands are bound together to form the sheet block Quilt blanket piPA and granulates non bonded. Material that is chemically and biologically inert and free of pathogens of plants. Tungkin rockwool Board application to process temperature control condensation prevention energy conservation and protection personnel to power plants, oil refining and chemical metallurgy industry including plant and equipment such as exhaust gas heat boiler flues channel heat exchanger reactor storage tank furnace oven otoklaf the dust heap of AIR CONDITIONING ductwork work perala

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