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Rubber Mat Perforated Holes
Rubber Mat Perforated Holes
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Specification of Rubber Mat Perforated Holes

Rubber Mat Perforated holes (rubber doormat bolong bolong) Connection Ring Hollow with rubber Webbing rings hollow rubber matting is connected we are made of high quality molded natural rubber with a base open and raised buttons on the back that allows for excellent drainage from the debris and liquids. mat this is one very frequently requested and probably one of the most known floor protection, anti fatigue mats-safety. anyaman integral uses a rubber molded edge studded rubber mats to allow it to be connected together with ease. Ideally suited for heavy traffic area in the kitchen, canteen, bar and boardwalks provide a non slip and hygienic safety surface under foot. Available in general purpose black oil and grease resistant type & red.

-Excellent drainage Properties

-Easy to clean and hygienic characteristics of anti-fatigue either


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