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Tombo 1120
Tombo 1120
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Specification of Tombo 1120

Tombo 1120 Packing Gasket Sheet Black (a black Sheet)

Reinforced expanded graphite especially aramid fiber asbestos sheet gasket is black which does not contain. Oil resistant rubber using a binder.


-You can use any of the low temperature-200 ℃ until the maximum temperature is 260 ℃ (1MPa).

-It can be used to steam saturated 2MPa.

-Chemical resistance and Seal Resistance comparable to asbestos sheets together.

-Nilai m, the y value is the same as asbestos sheets together.

-The maximum outside Diameter Φ2520, can also be in accordance with the special form.

-Scratch harder for luck, we are flexible.

-Because of the elasticity of expanded graphite, may be tightening.

-It can also be used for stainless steel flange.

-Asbestos and are not included.


Gaskets, such as flanges, valves and equipment from a wide range of piping.

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